This group joins Lebanese people poured to justice in all its fields of social, political, legal … Despite being a Christian gathering, it defends justice, absolutely without any sectarian, class bias because it is based on Christian values that defend justice for all human beings. The service of this assembly is through the application of certain criteria: 1 – logic and right: the adoption of logic as the key to the defense of justice. 2 – Respect: not to offend, any criticism should be meaningful and constructive. 3 – live social values: Christian values are the basis of the thought of assembly. 4 – Commitment: The faith in justice requires perseverance. 5 – Work: Goals put must be followed and lead to achievement. 6 – Courage: The demand for justice for all segments of society require great courage . 7 – Sacrifice: There is no way to enter the fair justice without making sacrifices . The main objectives are: 1- Peace: Achieving peace requires equality among all segments of society through the application of justice. 2- Dignity: The justice checks the equality of all citizens, which preserves their dignity. 3- Prosperity: It is the fruit of stability and social justice. This assembly is not a political party, its interests serve the people and their stability. It also aims to contribute to help the needy social classes (the poor, orphans, prisoners…) and that in the service of justice among all social classes.

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