Founded in 2008 under the family of YOUTH of MARY, “Acte de Marie” is a group that connects the social aspect with the religious one. It deals with creating subgroups that prepare weekly visits to different locations which host people in need; sick people, orphanages, elderly people, kids with social problems, poor families, prisoners and others. Our main mission is to serve. To serve by love, through sacrifice, giving time and tenderness. To serve by wisdom, through utility, security and respect. Our main objective is to heal. To heal from injuries, sadness and malice. This is the way we live our mission in order to achieve our goal. This service of healing is attained by spiritual activities (rosary, gospel…), by social activities (moral, cultural topics, manual work, physical work, songs, dances…), and by entertainment (games, competitions, tournaments…). These activities are organized to be done weekly in every visit, as well as special events are prepared accordingly. – Monday: 6:00 pm Al Sendyene (Elderly shelter) – Sheileh – Monday: 7.30 pm Al Ra3i al Saleh (Little girls with social cases) – Sheileh – Wednesday: 6.30 pm Hopital Saint Joseph – Dawra – Saturday: 9.30 am Deir al Salib – Jal el Dib – Saturday: 5:00 pm Anta Akhi – Ballouneh “Miracles do happen when we all work as one”.

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